The All rounder

The first prototype of the All Rounder bag was born in 2017, which was designed with exterior pockets that could stow away gym shoes, phone, keys, and even a special slot to tuck away your membership card. Even the interior of the bag was designed with several sleeves to help organize clothes and accessories, while employing waterproof lining for wet clothes and for ease of cleaning.

Jane of All Trades

When global travel came to a standstill due to COVID, Nazgul’s sister-in-law and little nephew, who were visiting at the time, ended up moving in with them for several months. This visit soon became the inspiration behind K.OXK.O’s most treasured creation.

A few weeks into their stay, Nazgul realized that her sister-in-law was repeatedly drawn to the All Rounder duffel bag, and its many functioning pockets, that somehow became a makeshift diaper bag for her nephew. Pacifiers, bottles, diapers, clothes, there was a place for just about everything, with space left over for a few extras if needed.

Nazgul soon hit upon the idea to use the same concept behind the All Rounder and create the Jane of All Trades for mums and babies. Needless to say, the idea was a hit with her sister-in-law.